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New York Writers Workshop leads a seven-day immersion in Sardinia, hosted by local writer Ciriaco Offedu, blending Sardinian culture with NYWW workshops led by poet/writers Ravi Shankar (The Many Uses of Mint) and Tim Tomlinson (This Is Not Happening to You). Open to writers of all levels, the trip will include all (delicious!) meals, accommodations on the island, local transportation, event excursions and tuition for writing and translation workshops. We plan to have some of Italy's best writers and translators visit and we will spend time visiting galleries and wineries, eating gourmet meals, reading and writing, and privately touring Grazia Deledda's house (the first Italian woman to win the Nobel Prize in literature). Details are here and spaces are very limited, especially because the stay will be heavily subsidized and represents a great chance to visit a part of Italy you might not have seen. 

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Dates: January 13 – 20, 2020

Location: Sardinia, Italy

The immersion will include daily workshops in

  • poetry

  • narrative prose

  • travel writing

  • translation 

and daily visits to local cultural sites led by Sardinian/Italian poets, writers, artists, and guides.  Read about the kinds of meals we’ll be having here, here, and here. Read about the kinds of discussions we’ll be having here, here, and here. Read some of Ravi’s work here, here, and here. Read some of Tim’s work here, here, and here. Read about our fabulous accommodations here*. Read about Sardinian literature here, and here. And read about Ciriaco Offedu, our host, here.

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Deposit: $250 refundable minus a 25% handling fee.

Cost:  $1,495 after Aug 15, 2019.

Refund policy: General fees fully refundable minus a 10% handling until Oct 15; minus a 25% handling fee until Nov 15; minus a 50% handling fee until Dec 15th.

Space is limited. Reserve early (and save!).

*We may add a second hotel. No accommodations will be any less splendid than Bidderosa.


Joining the Sardinia Staff...
Forrest Gander, winner of the 2019 Pulitzer Prize!

Read more below.

Forrest Gander_select_3149.jpeg

Forrest Gander


Forrest Gander, a writer and translator with degrees in geology and literature, was born in the Mojave Desert, grew up in Virginia, and taught at Harvard and, for many years, Brown University. Among Gander’s most recent books are Be With, winner of the 2019 Pulitzer Prize, the novel The Trace, and Eiko & Koma. Gander’s recent translations include Alice Iris Red Horse: Poems by Gozo Yoshimasu and, with Patricio Ferrari, The Galloping Hour: French Poems of Alejandra Pizarnik. He has a history of collaborating with artists such as Ann Hamilton, Sally Mann, Graciela Iturbide, and Vic Chesnutt. The recipient of grants from the Library of Congress, the Guggenheim, Howard, Whiting and United States Artists Foundations, Gander lives in northern California.


Timothy Tomlinson

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Help Center

Get Informed

Browse this FAQ list to find answers to questions about our event and our community. We’ve tried to include everything, but if you still have unknowns as you’re getting acquainted, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Everyone here is eager to help out, so just send us a note or give us a call.

Where will I be staying?

We will be staying in the village of Galtelli about midway down the east coast of Sardinia. Everyone will be accommodated in the uniquely Italian style of albergo diffuso, which means, literally, “dispersed hotel.” And what that means is: a hotel that is not in a single block, but converted out of various historic buildings in a small community. It has to conform to the following conditions:

·              Run directly by an individual owner and providing normal hotel services

·              Rooms distributed in existing converted buildings in historic centres

·              Central reception area with food available

·              Part of a genuine community so that guests can be part of local life

To us, this sounded like the most authentic way to experience Sardinia (or any Italian village).

Are all rooms doubles or will singles be available?

Singles will be available, but we MUST hear from you if you want a single.

Will there be access to electrical outlets, wifi, a fitness center, in-room coffee, hotplate, or a fridge?

Very likely there will be access to electrical outlets, in-room coffee, fridge and a hotplate, but again due to the charming and unique mode of residence, each room will differ from the others. If you require any special needs, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate any requests. Don't expect fitness rooms, but Wifi will be available in most, if not all rooms, and in our communal spaces.

What airport should I fly into? Will there be airport-to-accomadations xfers?

You should fly into Cagliari airport, code = CAG. Participants should endeavor to arrive on Sunday, January 12th  and there will be shuttles to and from the airport and to all our destinations.

Will I be paying for any meals? Any other out-of-pocket expenses?

No. You’ll have breakfast at your albergo diffuso accommodation, in many cases with other NYWW participants. Lunch and dinner will be provided each day, and shared with the full group. Again we will work with participants on any dietary restrictions. While there will be tempting local goods, wines/cheeses, and signed books to consider, other than those, no. The fee is all-inclusive and will cover all your basic expenses.

How should I pack?

We expect moderate to cold climate. Check websites and determine. We’ll be high up in an old village on an island in the Mediterranean Sea. We recommend packing for warmth. Some old buildings might not be heated in ways that, generally, we’re accustomed to. As they say in India, bring your woolies to sleep, and make sure you have something warm (heavy sweater/s, coat, thermal vest) for the days.

Will I need to pack my tux/gown?

While we don’t anticipate any opening night at the opera, we do expect an event/dinner with the mayor and his retinue. Gentlemen might consider their favorite variation of the cravat, perhaps a jacket free of moths, and a pair of creased trousers. Ladies: pearls, of course, and something casually elegant.

Visa requirements?

US & EU citizens, no visa. Others, please check on individual requirements. Let us know if there’s anything you’ll need from us. We would be happy to offer you a letter of invitation or anything else needed to help you.

Which local sites will we be visiting?

The home of Sardinian novelist/Noble prize winner Grazia Deladda, the medieval stone village of Galtellì, and megalithic caves that are home to some of the the tallest stalactites and stalagmites in Europe. Several other excursions on which we await confirmation and details.

Will space be available for last minute registration?

Yes. A few spaces still remain. Please pass along our info to anyone who might be interested.

How will groups be decided for workshops?

We’ll be offering sessions on poetry, translation, and narrative prose. We’d like participants to sample each; we’ll accommodate special requests. Workshops will be capped at 15 participants.

Will there be an equal balance between narrative prose, translation, poetry, travel essay? Can I focus on one genre or interest (i.e. can I do poetry/translation and skip fiction)?

More or less, yes.

Can I focus on one genre or interest? What about individual manuscript consultations?

Yes and yes. We anticipate that for a small fee, a limited number of manuscript consultations with the faculty will be available.

Will I be permitted to go off on my own?

Perchè no? Please check with us and/or local guides for best ways to go about and return.

What if I don't want to write? Will there by any non-writers on the trip? What level should I be at in my writing skills?

Not writing is OK, writing is better. Remember that rejuvenating the spirit through our discussions and excursions will provide you plenty of inspiration for both during and after the trip. There will be a few non-writers on the trip.
The workshops will be challenging for any and all levels. We’ll accommodate.

How will workshops be run?

Each faculty member will structure the workshops according to their preference, but we anticipate that groups will be no more than 15 people per class and will offer a combination of feedback and generative writing. We will discuss the rules of our engagement, such as the need for respectful, constructive criticism on site.

Do you recommend a particular airline?

For international travel, we recommend the big and the reliable. Those can often be reasonable, if a bit more costly than the economy carriers. For those leaving from New York, Alitalia looks particularly appealing, but many airlines will get you into Rome (or other Italian cities). Best to check availabilities in your location. Of course, run any questions by us and we’ll see if we can provide any insight.

Do I need travel insurance?

As NYWW is not liable, we recommend that you look into travel insurance. It can be comforting to know that issues with baggage or missed connections will be covered. We don’t anticipate those difficulties, but a bit of precaution might allay any anxieties.

Is Sardinia the only place we'll be visiting?

The NYWW in Sardinia immersion will be held entirely on Sardinia, in Galtellì. Everyone is welcome to create their own itinerary. Several of us will be bookending Sardinia with visits to Rome (a few nights before, a few nights after). That can be done easily with other Italian cities, and probably other EU cities. The thing to do is check with your airline and see about Sardinia (Cagliari, CAG) connectivity.

When should I arrive?

You can arrive in Italy whenever you want. You should arrive at the Cagliari airport no later than early afternoon, Sunday, Jan 12*. We’re hoping to limit the airport transfers to two coaches. The (picturesque) drive to Galtelli will require about 2-1/2 hours of road time. We’d like to have everyone in their respective accommodations by late afternoon of Jan 12 in order to meet, greet, orient, eat, and begin on time on Monday morning, Jan 13.
*We may have further instructions re arrival time/date. Italy tends to slow down on Sundays, services included, so it might be necessary to arrive on Saturday. More asap.

When is full payment due? Is my fee refundable?

Payment is due ASAP! Your fee is refundable, though as we get closer to the date, you will surrender a greater percentage.